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Little Lady’s Roots

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I believe that flowers add a breathtaking dimension to weddings, curating an artistic, sophisticated look that should convey your style as a couple. From the textures to the way the light reflects from the hand-cut blooms, there’s a dreamlike quality to it that simply makes weddings magical. I would adore creating a custom floral design that resonates with you.


Salt Lake City, Florist. Serving Utah Couples.

Years ago, watering the herbs in a small greenhouse filled the air with an aroma that sent me to heaven! I decided that I always wanted flowers in my life and when I left the Arizona desert, I chased more greenery, pursuing a degree in Ornamental Horticulture.

Upon graduation, although my rosy childhood dream was a charming floral shop, I realized that my true preference was floral design for weddings. That began my journey with spirited couples and skilled wedding vendors. 

Kadee Lady

Utah Wedding florist

meet the desert girl
who is most at home among flowers


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What It’s Like at Little Lady Floral

   way of life

Flowers have a long-standing tradition of representing good — well wishes, favors and expressions of love. With floral design, I maintain this tradition with a compassionate approach and understanding that flowers add a rosy, promising flair to the start of lifelong relationships.


inspired by greenery


Pass along tradition

Pick the good

Find common ground

I adore working with wedding vendors across all industries. I believe that there is much to share and much to learn. 

I was initially drawn to flowers because of the innate goodness I felt when surrounded by them. With Little Lady Floral, I seek to find the best in every encounter.

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Formed in a small town of northern Arizona

The Sentiment Behind

A term of endearment — my family constantly referred to me as “Kadee Ladee” when I was younger. To me, being a lady involves spunk, grace and knowing who you are. It was a name I loved, and when founding Little Lady Floral, the five-foot-two part of me put a twist on the childhood nickname.


I’m originally from Arizona but have lived in Kansas, Florida, Virginia, Utah and British Columbia.

I’ve read each Harry Potter book 10+ times.


Here is a photo of our little girl! Her name is Neve, pronounced like Chevy. She’s spunky, sweet and smart!


When I’m not flowering, you can catch me spending time outdoors or with friends and family.


My husband and I love living in Utah because of it's beautiful landscape. There is so much to explore.



I played soccer a few years in college and met some of my besties on the team.



Salt Lake City Florist

Photo by Christopher Allen

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Photo by Meli Kerr Photography

Fresh flora with flair.

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