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Ready to start flowering?

-You to choose which element of wedding design you'd like to focus on: bridal bouquets, centerpieces, arches/installs or all three! 
-We will explore and choose to work with an exciting color palette along with seasonal florals
- Professional photos will be taken to build your portfolio
-You will learn to elevate your design and book your ideal clients!

Workshop Dates Open October -April

Your first course is $850, then any additional course can be added at a discounted rate for $725 each (must take place within 1-2 days)! All supplies are included.

Date & Time — We find a date together for your 1:1 class. Then we'll outline a catered time frame for you. Most workshops are 3-7 hours in length, including lunch.

Location — Little Lady Floral's Home Studio in
Salt Lake City, Utah


Join Kadee in a 1:1

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Photo by Ariel Kezele Photography 

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1:1 Design Workshops